Webby Remote Controlled Super Car with Opening Doors, Red

Bring on this full function radio controlled Ferrari car from the hub of Safire for your little princess or naughty prince. It functions forward, reverse, stop, left and right turn overs. It exhibits all independent spring suspension system. This hot car has detailed interior, exterior rims and tyres with glossy exterior paint and factory assembled. Saffire upholds the highest standards of quality, excellence and offers the most exciting brands towards child and family entertainment. Special NOTE : Doors don’t close properly if they are forcefully obstructed by hand once as it affects their calibration. To correct the same, we needs to close the doors as much as possible and then forcefully push the doors to close by their hands. Post this process, the doors will function well with the buttons on the remote.

Moves forward, backward, left and right, Assembly Required: No
Comes with rechargeable battery enough to have huge fun Sales Package: 1 Car, 1 Remote, 1 Set of Batteries for Car, 1 USB Cable for charging the car
Comes with rechargeable battery for the car but need to get extra battery for the remote
The customer should try to fully charge the battery before operating the product for the first use The USB Cable being used for charging should be connected to only portable devices or charger with a maximum output of 1.0A. If any other charger with higher output current is used, it would damage the car circuit.

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