From the days these days Health is becoming a challenge.The situation of the common man is going on through various trials, like Guinea Pig.The common man is well aware that his health has been in jeopardy with the indiscriminate experiments of the most modern Medical methods.By reading this book you can reach the root cause of the disease and pain.Can protect yourself and your family and society with full cost SURGERY and by making appropriate change in diet, you can get rid of many diseases. In this book,an attempt has been made to give complete authentic information about modern medical science and ancient Ayurvedic medicine. So that people can save themselves and the family from unnecessary surgeries. Patients suffering from diabetes and for older people and other causes , who express their inability to conduct SURGERY by modern doctors.For them, this book is not less than the ray of hope and any boon.Such patients who are afraid of SURGERY can also read this book and save themselves from SURGERY to some extent. AUTHORS CONTACT NUMBER DR ANURAG VIJAYAVARGEEYA -94180 65938

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