Moon Time : Creative & Illustrative book on Menstrual Health and Hygiene for Girls and Parents

Must read for girls of age group 8-18 & their parents.
Nowadays girls are maturing faster than ever before. They reach puberty long before they are emotionally ready for it. They deserve a complete health education that makes them feel comfortable about menstruation rather than feeling shy or awkward.
Cartoon characters & engaging storyline of this book make it really easy & comfortable for parents or guardians to talk about menstruation with their girls. Anyone reading this book would find it an interesting & informative read.
This book is well researched, medically accurate & validated by team of national & international doctors from US and UK. A special doctors’ section includes doctors’ profiles & their valuable advices for girls.
This book is an attempt to break cycle of myths & misconceptions related to menstruation & educate readers that menstruation is as natural process as breathing is. Menstruation is not impure instead it’s life giving.
Young girls should be well prepared for their first period. They usually get scared & have no information about Menstruation. As a parent, you can gift your daughter this book & also read along with her. A great way to show that you truly care and will stand by her in every phase of her life.

Book address in detail below topics:
What is Puberty Physical & emotional changes due to puberty
Eating healthy (Balanced Diet)
Human Body & Introduction to Reproductive System
What is Menstruation, When, Why & How it starts
Phases of Menstruation, Menarche & Menopause Various available Menstrual Hygiene Products (PADS, Tampons, Menstrual Cups) Menstrual Health & Hygiene
PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)
How to stay active & deal with physical issues
Signs for which one should see a doctor
Myths & Facts
Do’s & Don’ts
International & National Doctor

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