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Kawachi Steam Sauna is smart way of enjoying steam at home.
It gives freedom, convenience, privacy and any family member can use it with his / her convenience.
Kawachi Portable Steam Sauna is actually combination of 2 parts.
Steam Cabin & Steam generator
How it Works:
Steam Generator produces the steam required in steam sauna and it is transferred to the portable Steam Cabin with the help of Steam Pipe.
The Steam Generator works on electricity.
It is controlled by temperature thermostat so that the electric consumption can be optimum.
Steam Generator is equipped with mechanical timer so that you can adjust the steam bath duration as per your convenience.
As a standard it’s recommended to use the steam sauna up to 30 minutes for optimum results.
But it’s personal choice and also depends on user’s age and tolerance.

Caution: Kawachi Portable Steam Sauna is a general fitness device.
If any in-convenience / uncomfort is experienced, please consult the doctor immediately. T
his is not suitable for heart patients, very old people, small children or pregnant women.

How to use: Kawachi Steam Cabin is very easy to use.
Open the outer bag.
Hold the folded Steam Cabin (Which is round in shape in folded condition).
Open the cabin as it will pop up automatically due to its unique design.

Caution: Please take care while unfolding as the pop up force can hurt body part.
Kawachi Portable Steam Sauna Bath…
Voltage: AC 220/230 V (50/60 Hz).
Power: 750 Watts.
Capacity of Water: 1.5 lit max.
Time-setting: 60 min. max.
Cleaning : Kawachi Steam Cabin can be cleaned by wiping wet surface with dry cloth or drying it naturally.
In case if it’s dirty or smells foul due to repetitive use it can be hand washed and then dried in shade naturally.The Steam Sauna Is Better For Muscle Relaxation And Lowering Blood Pressure
Removes Toxins – Sweating Relieves The Body Of Waste Products, And Sitting In A Sauna For As Much As 20 Minutes Or Less Can Rid The Body Of An Entire Day’S Sweat And All Of The Toxins That Come With It
Clears The Skin – Steam Clears Skin Impurities And Can Serve As An Acne Treatment. It Also Improves Circulation Throughout The Body Which Will Give You A Healthy Glow, And Make Your Skin Look And Feel Great.
Relieves Tension – Heat From The Sauna Soothes Your Nerve Endings And Also Warms And Relaxes Your Muscles. Saunas And Steam Rooms Can Also Minimize Joint Pain As Well As Arthritis, Migraines, And Headaches Due To The High Heat Environment.

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