Fedus 7 In 1 Electric Soldering Iron Stand Tool Wire Stripper Kit Soldering Kit Set With 25W Welding Stick Digital Mulimeter Desoldering | Wik Stand |Flux | Wire Stripper | Solder Wire For DIY/Crafts

Price: INR 999.00 - INR 475.00
(as of Jan 18,2020 10:33:27 UTC – Details)


  • 6 In1 Electric Soldering Iron Included A High Quality 25W Soldering Iron Along With A Combination Of Other Essential Parts.
  • For all electronic applications and household needs Allows You To Repair Pcb’S, Toys, Gadgets, Electronic Equipment’s And Also Create Your Own Electronic Devices.
  • SOFT GRIP SOLDERING IRON- 25W soldering iron with soft grip, co-moulded handle helps to handle the iron safely and a fast heating tip.
  • Note-The soldering iron takes around 1 minute for heating up, oxidizes and turns black after heating up. Keep the soldering iron tip clean to get better results.

The kit contains-1 x 25W High Quality Soldering Iron, 1X Digital Multimeter, 1 x Soldering Stand, 1 x Wire Cutter & Stripper, 1 x Soldering Wax, 1 x Desolder Wick and 20 gram High Quality Solder Lead
soldering stand is of chrome plated and powder coated.
General purpose for all electronic applications and household needs
A complete soldering kit for beginners for a reasonable price.
Durable elements but not for heavy industrial use.

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